Boeing 737-MAX MSFS – Available on the Official Microsoft Marketplace and

October 22 2021 – Right-wing problem fix is coming, already downloadable for users! For official marketplace, we must wait the Microsoft queue

August 15 2021- XBOX version is now available!!

Startup procedure simplified for XBOX users

06/09/2021 New version 1.5 for Boeing 737 is coning soon

-Implemented flexible wings
-Implemented visual effects of rain, wheels and windshields
-Adjustments on all screens
-New Sound version powered by FTSIM+
-Improvements on all lights
-Improved flight model and climb
-Added dimmer for the panel on the overhead
-Other general adjustments

01 August 2021 Bredok3d Boeing 737-MAX V 1.4 is ready for PC – scroll below for more information


Ready in the Official Marketplace

PROBLEM AND FAQ , Click to this Link for the common problems


Video Presentation

Common problems:


SOLUTION: You probably have a conflict-causing addon, such as A32NX, SALTY, or other addons that modify aircraft by default. In this case you have to temporarily delete these addons from the (COMMUNITY) folder and then start the simulator

  • My plane is difficult to maneuver:

SOLUTION: Go to MSFS settings > flight model > set the MODERN flight mode


21 July 2021 Bredok3d Boeing 737-MAX V 1.3 Xbox and PC version CoomingSoon

-New audio licensed by FTSIM+ with original Boeing 737 sound
-Renewed Autopilot system
-Edited the Apu start and master in the correct original position
-External hublot lighted
-New overhead lights color
-Remake the Flight Model for a more realistic interaction
-Flaps portance improved
-Added PFD and MFD panel brightness adjustment levers
-Added Yaw Damper button
-Added Windows heater (not yet lighted)
-Added Pilot heater (not yet lighted)
-Added Fire System buttons (beta)
-New Anti-ice system
-Fixed External Power avail light
-Added Contrails
-Other general fixes